How We Generated 1400+ Consultation Appointments Last Month for Mental Health Coach

Client Overview

An esteemed Mental Health Coach started to work with us a little over a six months ago. When we took over their existing account their lead cost was higher and they were merely generating less than 150-200 consultation appointments per month. At that point in time, his monthly revenue was less than 200k INR. They were offering online consultation on mental health, stress management, anxiety etc.




Service Provided

Performance Marketing

Pain Points

Low Monthly Recurring Revenue.

No Stability In Business

Cost per lead increasing every month while number of leads were stagnant.

Poor targeting mix giving confused signals to Algorithm.

Inconsistent creative mix and placements.

How our team helped them

A. The client was doing Facebook form ads that were generating low-quality leads for them.

B. The Client was using a mixed audience and targeting was very confusing. We restructured their audience using

C. The lead form was not capturing the enough information, the lead quality was undecided.

Trust Factor reflected in ad copy

Mental health is a delicate subject. A certain trust quotient is necessary for people to open up. We worked with our client to improve their ad copy so that it reflects certain aspects that reassure on the confidentiality curiosity and interest. Gain trust and show reliability. Overall, credibility is an important factor in deciding a mental health coach.


With an optimized offer, improved lead form and ad creatives, the fresh targeting really worked well for us. 

There was 6x growth as compared to previous campaign. 1400+ leads as against 150-200 from last campaign as highlighted in the screenshot below 

Here are some stats from the campaign

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