How We Identified 100+ Account Opportunities for a CRM Implementation Company


A dynamic CRM implementation partner with operations in India and major focus on North American market, sought to solidify its market presence by focusing on mid-size companies. Recognizing the competitive landscape and diverse client needs, the client engaged Grow Real Quick to orchestrate a robust Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaign.



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Account Based Marketing

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Account opportunities
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High Calibre meetings


To capture the attention of key stakeholders and stand out in a competitive market, The client partnered with Grow Real Quick team to execute a targeted Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaign. The goal was to identify, engage, and convert high-potential accounts using tailored strategies.

Strategies Deployed


Account Opportunities

The ABM campaign effectively identified and prioritized 182 high-potential account opportunities that aligned with Client' specialization.

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)

The campaign generated 67 MQLs, indicating significant interest and engagement from the target mid-size companies.

High-Caliber Meetings:

The personalized engagement approach led to the arrangement of 17 high-calibre meetings, enabling Client to directly engage with decision-makers.


 The synergy between Client and Grow Real Quick in executing a tailored ABM strategy showcased the power of customization and targeted outreach. By honing in on mid-size companies in the North America and delivering personalized value propositions, the campaign achieved noteworthy results in terms of MQLs and high-calibre meetings. This case study exemplifies the effectiveness of a meticulously planned ABM approach in driving engagement and building fruitful partnerships in a competitive market landscape.

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