A Furniture brand Achieving Remarkable ROAS with Google Search and Shopping Ads by Grow Real Quick

Client Overview

A leading furniture brand, partnered with Grow Real Quick to optimize their Google Search and Shopping ad campaigns. The collaboration aimed to leverage strategic ad placements to achieve an exceptional Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), while also enhancing engagement and brand visibility across Google's platforms.



Furniture Brand

Service Provided

Google Ads

Campaign Objectives

ROAS Excellence

Achieve an impressive ROAS of 6 or more through meticulously crafted Google Search and Shopping ad campaigns.

Unique Targeting

Utilize precise audience targeting to reach potential customers actively searching for furniture and home decor.

Engagement Enhancement

Elevate engagement and interaction by delivering appealing and relevant ad content.

Brand Visibility

Increased visibility and recognition on Google's search results and shopping listings.

Strategies Deployed

Execution Highlights


ROAS Achievement

Achieved an outstanding ROAS of 6+ through their Google Search and Shopping ad campaigns.

Targeting Precision

Unique audience targeting resulted in a 25% increase in conversion rates.

Engagement Enhancement

Engagement increased by 15%, indicating a more involved and interested audience.

Brand Visibility Boost

The strategic ad campaigns contributed to a 30% increase in brand visibility on Google platforms.

Effective Ad Strategies

Compelling visuals and keyword precision led to a 20% higher click-through rate.

Client’s’ collaboration with Grow Real Quick led to remarkable results in terms of ROAS, engagement, and brand visibility through strategic Google Search and Shopping ad campaigns. This case study underscores the significant impact of effective online advertising in the furniture industry.

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